YipiY voting widget on vrouw.nl

VROUW, a popular online lifestyle magazine for women in the Netherlands, has enriched its content with the YipiY voting widget.

We’ve restyled and implemented the tool, which is yet another variation of the Nieuwsbite platform.  YipiY, a company behind Nieuwsbite, offers the service as a white-label solution to online publishers to increase engagement with their audience as well as to build valuable analytics based on readers’ behavior.

About Vrouw
VROUW is a part of Telegraaf Media Groep N.V. (TMG), the largest news media companies in the Netherlands with strong brands including De Telegraaf, DFT, Telesport, Metro, Autovisie, Privé, VROUW, Sky Radio, Radio Veronica and Classic FM.

Opinion matters: FlevoPost introduces the voting widget

FlevoPost has recently introduced the FlevoStem, a widget that allows readers to express their opinion by voting on a news item.

This widget is a variation of the Niewsbite voting platform. YipiY, the company behind Nieuwsbite, offers the service as a white-label solution to online publishers to increase engagement with their audience as well as to build valuable analytics based on readers’ behavior.

We have customized the original widget and have implemented it on a clients side. Now FlevoPost editors can enrich their articles with the FlevoStem component from their own CMS platform.

About FlevoPost
FlevoPost is a regional newspaper of the Province Flevoland and a part of the Boom Group (Boom Regionale Uitgevers).

The revamped Downdetector App

Fresh from the App Store – the Downdetector App! This is our latest assignment whereby we’ve completely rebuilt the initial version improving the core, design and adding new features such as in-app purchases.


The Downdetector service offers real-time status and uptime monitoring for hundreds of services, including telecommunication outages, online banking problems, websites that go down and apps that aren’t working.

The outage detection is based on a real-time analysis of user reports from multiple sources, including social media such as Twitter, the Downdetector website and reports filed through the app. The service monitors over 2,700 services in 25 countries.

Launching Impasto Art on Google Play

Now Android users can also use the Impasto service to decorate their living or working space with beautiful art.

The Chromecast-enabled app has over 100 000 masterpieces from the collections of the Rijksmuseum (the Netherlands) and the J.Paul Getty Museum (USA) that can be streamed directly to TV screens.


Impasto Art can also be found in the App Store and is available on KPN and UPC set-top boxes.

Work and fun in beautiful Plovdiv

When the Dutch Team visits Plovdiv, even the development routine, like daily’s and grooming, becomes fun!

It gets even better in the evenings … especially since our Bulgarian colleagues became the lucky owners of the PlayStation®4, a present from the YipiY team to celebrate the launch of the Nieuwsbite project.

Android Wear Update

Google has just updated its Android Wear with the some pleasant and useful features. This includes Wi-Fi support that gives you more freedom to roam around and always-on screen view (no tapping, twisting or shaking required to see what time it is).

If you get into artistic mood, a watch can recognize the on-screen drawings and turn them into emoji icons. And if you happen to forget your phone, you can always ask your watch where it is.

More information on Google Official Blog.

[Image Credit: Google Official Blog]

Impasto Art Featured in Art Radar Journal

Impasto Art  – one of our projects – was featured among five most innovative art apps by Art Radar!

“Move away from smart phones and tablets towards luxurious home-viewing with Impasto Art. Freshly launched last month, the app offers free-of-charge streaming services that enable the enjoyment of some of the world’s finest masterpieces – in full-size, high-resolution quality.”

We Need To Get The Internet Of Things Right

Here is a good article from Dave Evans giving us some food for thought of how important it is to get things right with the Internet of Things (IoT). Now.

“Having grandiose visions for IoT is one thing, but IoT really does have the power to transform even mundane things into something remarkable … We must get to the point where technology works for people, rather than people working for technology. IoT is here, but our work is just beginning.”