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We love building mobile applications and web services. We have developed promotional apps to support brands, functional apps to ease lives and business-to-business services to increase process efficiency. Here are some of our recent projects.

Downdetector | iOS, Android

  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Technology: xCode

The Downdetector service offers real-time status and uptime monitoring for hundreds of services, including telecommunication outages, online banking problems, websites that go down and apps that aren’t working.

Downdetector outage detection is based on a real-time analysis of user reports from multiple sources, including social media such as Twitter, the Downdetector website and reports filed through the app. The service monitors over 2,700 services in 25 countries.

Our assignment for this project was to re-build an existing multilingual iOS application improving the design and adding new features such as in-app purchases.

Concept: Downdetector     Design: ejpeg


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Impasto Art | iOS, Android, Set-Top Box

  • Platform: iOS, Android, SET-TOP BOX
  • Technology: xCode, Java, Airplay and Chromecast, JAVASCRIPT ON METROLOGICAL SDK

Impasto brings masterpieces from the finest museums directly to TV screens.

Now everyone can enhance his living room, office, lobby, restaurant or any other room with beautiful art: the app has over 100 000 masterpieces from the collections of the Rijksmuseum (the Netherlands) and J.Paul Getty Museum (USA).

We have built iOS and Android Chromecast and AirPlay enabled apps as well as a backend to host the images.

Next to it, we have developed an Impasto app for UPC and KPN Set-Top boxes (available in the Netherlands).

Concept: NEDIA     Design: ejpeg, Black Bear Solutions

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Nieuwsbite | iOS, Android, Web

  • PLATFORMS: iOS, Android, Web
  • Technology: xCode, Java, PHP, AngularJS

Nieuwsbite is a digital platform that brings news in an engaging way. It offers a simple and quick way to get involved with what’s happening in the Netherlands and around the world.

The YipiY editorial team (the publisher) selects 10 important news items per day, and offers users a chance to state their opinion about them. Once participants have voted, they will see the statistics of what the rest of the Netherlands thinks about the matter. Next to it users can share their votes via Facebook and Twitter.

A new article appears every two hours and a meter at the top keeps tracking the ‘news knowledge’ of the participant. There is also a coffee break – a funny video – that accompanies each article.

We have built iOS and Android apps, a front- and backend and a highly available infrastructure.

Concept: YipiY    Design: Jan-Jesse Bakker

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40      googleplayicon_40

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Lock Business Service Map | Web

  • Platform: Web, CMS
  • Technology: PHP, AngularJS

Lock Business measures the performance of IT service organizations. The company wished to have a visually appealing web portal that would show the functioning of all IT services of the organization, both at a glance and in details. The portal receives data from issue management systems.

Concept: Lock Business     Design: Lock Business

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Bébéboek | iOS, Android

  • PLATFORMS: iOS, Android, CMS
  • Technology: XCode, Java, PHP

Superunie wished to draw more attention to the assortment of their Bonbébé baby products. The company went for an app as a log book where mothers could collect pictures of those precious moments.

In the Bébéboek app photos were stored, shared, edited and added to a photo album. Mothers could also keep records of their baby’s height and weight which were plotted in the growth graphics and added to a photo album. The last one was then sent as a PDF per e-mail and could be ordered for printing.

We have built iOS and Android apps, a highly available infrastructure and a notification and synchronization servers.

Concept: XXS      Design: ejpeg

Site Me | Lab

The Province of North Holland arranged the HollandCall competition looking for innovative solutions to attract more visitors to its heritage sites.

We have elaborated Site Me together with Het Erfgoedkabinet specially for this project (the first edition).  The idea got to the finals and was presented during the symposium on January 28th, 2015.

Site Me offers a new way of discovering all the rich heritage that the Province Noord Holland has to offer. Swipe along the (heritage) sites, stay up to date of everything what happens at your favorite locations and plan a getaway around the site of your choice!

Concept: Black Bear Solutions and Het Erfgoedkabinet
Animation: Kristiaan der Nederlanden and Klevr Sound Design

Travelling Connect | iOS

  • Platform: iOS
  • Technology: xCode

We have developed a new iOS app for Travelling Connect, a loyalty program for frequent travelers whereby they earn air miles or hotel points when roaming abroad.

The app boasts of new features including not only rewards tracking but city guides and deals on activities in more than 250 countries. All wrapped in a clean, modern look with geolocation and offline mode.

Concept: Travelling Connect   Design: ejpeg


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Van Traa Kennisbank | iOS

  • PLATFORMS: iOS, Android, CMS
  • Technology: XCode, Java, PHP

Van Traa is a Dutch law firm that specializes in transportation regulation. In the past the firm used to publish booklets for its clients with information on laws and treaties. To highlight its innovative nature and to ease the content management, Van Traa has dropped the print version in favor of a mobile application.

We have built apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets and a Content Management System with exposed API.

Concept: TaF Media                  Design: Mama Soup

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40       googleplayicon_40

Trinité StreetWise | iOS

  • Technology: XCode

Trinité Automation supplies real time traffic data to Dutch road authorities who use it to regulate traffic flow. Since the performance of the road authorities is measured by certain parameters such as the average car speed, CO2 emissions and travel time, Trinité wanted their client to have a convenient app which could display this information.

We have built an iOS app interfacing with the backend systems of Trinité and a notifications server for sending out push messages. The app is distributed through a private app store.

Concept: Trinité Automation     Design:Trinité Automation

V.A.S. translator | iOS

  • Technology: XCode

The Visual Analog Scale (V.A.S.) is a psychometric response scale to determine subjective condition of a patient. It is used in healthcare to measure sensations such as pain, nausea, fatigue and happiness.

Concept: TaF Media     Design: TaF Media


Being There | iOS

  • PLATFORMS: iOS, Android, CMS
  • Technology: XCode, Java, PHP

Being There is an app to share one’s indoor location based on a floor plan of the venue when the GPS coordinates are just not good enough.

We have built an iOS and Android mobile app and a CMS backend with exposed API.

Concept:  TaF Media     Design: TaF Media

Philips / Onninen | Android

  • Platforms: Android
  • Technology: Java

We have developed a multilingual Android app to support a wholesale channel of Philips Onninen in Finland and Norway. The app provided information about the company’s innovative lighting solutions and included a savings calculator.

Concept: TaF Media            Design: King Design


We provide a full suite of mobile and web services development: from concept and digital strategy to deployment and maintenance.

• Custom web services and websites
• Web based API’s
• Mobile apps
• Airplay and Chromecast enabled apps
• iBeacon apps
• In-car apps (including OBD II connections)
• Smart TV and STB apps

• Xcode & Swift (native iOS)
• Java (native Android)
• Titanium (hybrid app development)
• PHP (including frameworks like Zend, Symfony 2 and Yii)
• JavaScript (including frameworks like AngularJS, VueJS, BackboneJS and NodeJS)
• Python & Perl
• Infrastructure design and maintenance (like AWS and others)

We can leverage our expertise and skills in a running project at any stage by doing a code review or supporting your IT team.

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From writing APIs to coding across the platforms and everything preceding and following that - our team will embrace your assignment with a big warm Black Bear hug and won’t let go before you are satisfied.

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