October 4, 2014 Black Bear Solutions

Stumble upon a bear: naïve art and music

Black bears are found only in North America so the chance of stumbling upon our mate in nature is pretty small (and to be honest none of us would really want to meet one).  What is really interesting is to see that the creature is being loved not only by our company! So we are starting to collect all (black) bears that we come across.

These postcards are production of the Dutch artist Lieke van der Vorst that Elena has spotted in the cafe “Buutvrij” in Tilburg.

When it comes to music we make an exception an accept all entries that has a ‘bear’ in it (it has be to a plain bear though). In the past weeks we’ve discovered these artists randomly via Spotify: Message to Bears, the musical alias of English composer and multi-instrumentalist Jerome Alexander, and Minus The Bear, an American indie rock band from Seattle, Washington.