Impasto Art Featured in Art Radar Journal

Impasto Art  – one of our projects – was featured among five most innovative art apps by Art Radar!

“Move away from smart phones and tablets towards luxurious home-viewing with Impasto Art. Freshly launched last month, the app offers free-of-charge streaming services that enable the enjoyment of some of the world’s finest masterpieces – in full-size, high-resolution quality.”

Nieuwsbite: the news platfrom where your opinion matters

Want to stay up to date about the actualities but have no time to dig into the daily news? Want to have a place to express your opinion and see what the rest thinks about the matter as well? Then we have good news for you!

Nieuwsbite – our latest assignment – has just gone live! It is a digital platform that brings news in an engaging way and offers a simple and quick way to get involved with what’s happening in the Netherlands and around the world.

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40   googleplayicon_40

The YipiY editorial team (our lovely office mates) selects 10 important news items per day, and offers you a chance to state your opinion about them.  You can also share your votes via Facebook and Twitter. And there is a video break – a funny video –  that accompanies each article so that you can unwind a bit!

Keep those precious baby moments in the Bébéboek App!

Great news for all mothers and mothers-to-be since the Bébéboek App – our latest project – has been released!

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40   googleplayicon_40

The Bébéboek App is one central place to store, share and edit the baby photos. Mothers can also keep records of baby’s height and weight which are plotted in the growth graphics.

The best thing of all is that the pictures and the graphics can be added a photo album directly in the app. The Bébéboek is then sent as a PDF per e-mail and can be ordered for printing.

This app was an assignment from Superunie  which has presented the Bébéboek App during the “Negen Maanden Beurs” (Nine Month Fair) in Amsterdam.

Impasto Art is now available on iOS

We’ve just launched the second app for the Impasto Art Project on iOS platform. The app is Chromecast and Airplay Enabled so you can easily convert your TV into the digital painting.

Just download the app and connect it to your Chromecast device. The artworks will be streamed directly to your TV screen. If you have an Apple TV, you can view the artworks using AirPlay.


You can set ‘Preferences’ according to your taste, or just enjoy the whole collection: paintings by old masters, modernists and impressionists in addition to drawings, prints and vintage photographs by world-famous artists.

In this pre mass-market version of the app you can view the works from the J. Paul Getty Museum (the United States) and the Rijksmuseum (the Netherlands). We will soon add more museum collections so there will be even more art to choose from. Enjoy!

Site Me for Holland Call

After three months of hard work with Het Erfgoedkabinet we have presented our joint creation – Site Me – at the Holland Call symposium on January 28th, 2015.

Holland Call was a call from the Province Noord-Holland to the creative industry in search for a new Cultural Touristic Product (CTP). The assignment was to create a product which would stimulate more visits  to the heritage sites of the Province. So here is our idea in a nutshell:

Site Me offers a new way of discovering all the rich heritage that the Province Noord Holland has to offer. Swipe along the (heritage) sites, stay up to date of everything what happens at your favorite locations and plan a getaway around the site of your choice!

Even though we did not win, we are investigating opportunities to take the project further and are looking for partners.

Our special thanks to Kristiaan der Nederlanden and  Klevr for making the beautiful animation of the Site Me concept. We are also extremely grateful to all the experts from the FreedomLab who were helping, inspiring and supporting us during this project.

Impasto Art is live on UPC Horizon Box!

Convert your TV into a digital painting! This is a motto of our new project – Impasto Art.

Impasto offers tens of thousands of artworks in the highest possible image quality so that you can enhance your living room, office, kitchen, restaurant or any other room with beautiful art.

We’ve started to work on Impasto during the Liberty Global Appathon in September and … voilà! On December 9th the app went live. If you reside in the Netherlands and have a UPC Horizon Box, you can find the Impasto App in the Lifestyle section.

More about Impasto

Coming soon: Impasto for  iOS supporting Chromecast and Airplay functionality.

Totally Revamped Travelling Connect iOS App

Fresh in the App Store – a new app  that we have developed for Travelling Connect, a loyalty program for frequent travelers whereby they earn air miles or hotel points when roaming abroad.

The app boasts of new features including not only rewards tracking but also data usage monitoring, city guides and deals on activities in more than 250 countries. All wrapped in a clean, modern look with geolocation and offline mode.


YipiY team meets the Black Bears in Plovdiv

Visiting our development studio in Plovdiv and working hard to finish our new project – the YipiY news game, a 2.0 version of the NRC nieuwsquiz that we developed a few years ago. In the off-hours testing the Oculus DK2, playing music and computer games.

And we have a company mascot! An owl has settled across our office to keep an eye on us.

Virtual Reality: Presence in … absence?

This week Donald has been shining as never before. And he has a good reason for it since he has become a lucky owner the Oculus DK2, a headset with the second generation development kit that lets step inside the games and virtual worlds. And while Cees must patiently wait for his exemplar to arrive and Elena has just started to get into the concept, Donald has been enlightening us about the Presence and how addictive it is.

So what is this Presence about? According to Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe: “The sense of presence in Virtual Reality is something fundamentally new. For the first time your brain says: o.k. I’ve been comfortable in this environment. I know it is not real but I think it is”.

How they achieve this, is summarized by Ben Lang is his article “Oculus Shares 5 Key Ingredients for Presence in Virtual Reality“. We of course are keen to experience it ourselves – and Donald has promised to bring his Oculus to the office soon!

In the meantime there are more ways to experience the Presence even without the Oculus headset. Check this audio work from QSound Labs! You need to put your headphones on and close your eyes …

The Black Bears at the Liberty Global Appathon

Two days of amazing learning experience, working shoulder to shoulder with fellow developers and getting all needed technical support from the experts … what else to wish?

Many thanks to Liberty Global for this great event! We are looking forward to coming back next year.