The Black Bears at the Liberty Global Appathon

Two days of amazing learning experience, working shoulder to shoulder with fellow developers and getting all needed technical support from the experts … what else to wish?

Many thanks to Liberty Global for this great event! We are looking forward to coming back next year.

Coming up: The First Liberty Global Appathon

The Black Bears will be participating in the first Liberty Global Appathon that takes place on the 16th and 17th of September in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

The Appathon is all about building new exciting apps for Liberty Global’s TV App platform, currently rolled out to more than 900,000 customers. The apps are built in Javascript using the Metrological SDK.

During the two days (a total of 30 hours) we will be competing with  20 other developers to make the most innovative, intuitive, unique, appealing, and technically superior TV App … and we have a very good idea!