New connections: USB Type-C

Are you wondering what that thing USB Type-C is? The answer is very simple – it is a faster, more versatile and conveniently reversible connector that replaces USB, power and other types of cords. Also the Type-C port measures just 8.4mm by 2.6mm. This means it’s small enough to work for even the smallest peripheral devices. With Type-C, a USB cable’s both ends will be the same, so you don’t need to worry about plugging it in upside down.

Apple was the first major company to throw its weight behind USB Type-C with a flagship product – the new MacBook, but Google isn’t far behind. We have noticed that the search company launched its own brand new notebook – Chromebook Pixel, with the same USB and according to Google Product Manager Adam Rodriguez  Type-C will be appearing in Android phones soon.


Gmail app just got better for Android users

mobile drawer shot copyAs of today Android users, which most of The Black Bears are, will be able to view all their mail at once, regardless of which account it’s from, using the new “All Inboxes” option in Gmail app.

So now it became really convenient to read and respond to all messages without having to hop between accounts. And there are more nice features like conversation view for non-Gmail accounts, smarter search and more responsive animations. Thanks, Google!

Read more on Google’s official blog.

[Image Source: Google’s official blog]

Manual review for Android Apps


Just heard that Google has started to manually review apps before making them publicly available on its Google Play store. The company has been using the process quietly for the past several months but nobody noticed it until 17th of March when it was disclosed in some techno blogs.

The new process involves a team of experts from Google reviewing applications for compliance with their laundry list of policies pertaining to content, network usage, application promotion and other items. In addition Google has also added a new application content age-based rating system for apps and games.

 [Image Credit: Android Developers Blog]