Apple Watch is coming

Just a few more weeks left to greet the Apple Watch! According to Apple, it will be the biggest new product since the iPad. And the most personal one they have ever made.

It is made to run its own applications, to connect with iPhones and be a fashion product on its own. Next to timekeeping and healthy & fitness features, Apple promises to show us ”all-new ways to do all kinds of things” with the Watch.

On one hand we cannot wait to own that piece of hardware since Apple has always kept its promises. On the other hand perhaps we should wait a bit.  Mario Aguilar in  his article gave us a good reason why not to buy one .. and, yes, has a point!

“… if you hold on even one year for version two, it is all but guaranteed to be measurably better in countless ways. Granted, this is always true to some degree, but it’s extra true for first-gen gadgets.”

Ways to think about watches

Apple is to release its own watch early next year but do we actually need one?
Some thoughts from Benedict Evans:

“It seems to me that there are two kinds of puzzle around a new… thing. One is that you already have a thing that does this … But for another kind of new product, you don’t already have a thing that does this because there is no ’this’, and it’s not clear what ’this’ might be.”

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